flexible adaptive superlight trekking is today's lightest fully-equipped backpacking solution that maximizes utility, comfort and safety at a superlight weight. Total pack weight for all gear and food, including a bear-resistant food container, ranges between 9 to 18 pounds for  2-7 days. The system was formulated by Tim Gnazale: veteran backpacker, cross-country skier/instructor and fitness expert. fast does NOT use makeshift gear, specialized adjuncts, and a conserved set of equipment to achieve its power and provision. Instead, today's cutting-edge, high-quality, ultralight gear, innovative technique, and overall preparedness make this system work. fast dramatically minimizes packed weight, enabling longer hiking distance, plus much more comfort and enjoyment with any trek. Click on the new fast book for 2023 and quickly get up to speed and on the trail the light way.

Owner's Note

After carrying a 55 pound pack several years ago, I was not only uncomfortable, including low back discomfort at the end of two days, but I had hiked only ten miles round trip!  I thought my backpacking days were over until I began researching ultralight gear. Using innovative techniques, safety, and today's latest cutting-edge equipment, I orchestrated the fast paradigm for full func-tionality and comfort. Whether you are aging gracefully or simply desire an incredibly low carrying weight with a full gear set to trek, this  website and new book will positively benefit to you.

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9 to 18 lbs, 2 to 7 days...everything included!
Fastbackpack.com is a solutions oriented ultralight backpacking portal. fast solutions are researched and effectual, saving the reader weeks to months of wading through a maze of websites, magazines, URLs, forums, sporting goods stores, and books. Click on the fast Backpacking book's second edition on this page and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments. I look forward to your input. Safe trekking.  More
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