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Wide Sleeping Pad Comparison (tested): Klymit Static V2 vs. Therm-a-Rest Xlite HL MW  vs. Exped Ultra 1R MW Sleeping Pads

Klymit Static V2

Measured inflated: 22” x 71½” x 2”. 16 oz.  The width maintains 22” down to 6” from the bottom. Its 70D nylon is very durable.

Nice surface friction…about 2x that of Xlite, though a bag will still turn

Outside baffles nudge you a bit if getting toward the edge, but not much because each pad chamber is independent of other. With the Xlite pad below, for example, this does not happen at all due to its horizontal baffle design and no edge elevation.

The Klymit's inter-baffle design seems to be more independent, meaning each chamber supports you in and of itself. this results in a less integrated support system against your body.

With a partially deflated pad, you may bottom out a little at the hips due to the pad's 2” height. Deflation also causes the outmost baffles to not nudge you much at all since they independently too have less pressure.

The air separation between the V chambers makes the pad less luxurious feeling against the body, but the gap seems to perhaps allow for better overall circulation since body surfaces are not totally being pressed against. It’s a trade off between perhaps a therapeutic feel verses a luxurious feel against the body as with Xlite below.

There is low noise when moving around the pad. It's R value is 1.3 (low) so use inside of a tent and with EVA foam (Mountain Laurel Designs) if cold.

The rectangular shape on its lower half makes one less likely to roll off since low legs sliding off of a tapered pad can be a contributor to the body following suit.

Cost: Only $65.


For a very low price, this 'measurements fudged in all three dimensions,' very durable, comfortable, supportive pad won’t let you slip off easily. It is a bit narrow in the shoulders compared to wide pads, though advantageously roomier along the leg area compared to a tapered cut.  You'll be pushing its lower height, notably when partially deflated for a bit more comfort.

Therm a rest NeoAir Xlite RW

Measured inflated: 25” W x 72” L x 3" H—about 24 ½” at shoulders, 23½” mid-pad,  17 ¼ “ at 8 inches from the bottom, and  16 ¾” at 6 inches from the bottom.

This pad has minimum surface friction and horizontal baffles so a bag will tend to roll around you and slide with movement. EVA foam (Mountain Laurel Designs) is recommended to help with this. Its internally integrated air pressure keeps the baffle feel smooth and comfortable, though there's no edge warning/nudging so you can slide off as such. The pad does taper at its foot end so feet may slide off during sleep.

The pad is somewhat noisy when moving atop. It's high R value of 4.2 is great for cold temperatures.
Note: the UberLite is an impressively lighter version (11 oz.) of Xlite, but quite prone to puncture due to its 15D nylon.

Cost: $205 


For a high price, you get a very lightweight, wide, but tapered pad that is more durable (30D) than comparable offerings that use 15-20D nylon. It is supportive, shy of three inches high, narrower along the lower leg area though not bad, and lulls (not sings) “Crackling Rosie” if moving.

Exped Ultra 1R MW

Measured inflated: 25.5” W x 72” L x 3" H. 16 oz.
This pad has minimum surface friction, but the pad's outer vertical baffles nudge you back onto the pad if close to the edges.  It's wide rectangular shape also helps to comfortably keep you on the pad from head to toe. It's baffles are less numerous than Xlite so it provides about 75% of Xlite's comfort. Its internally integrated air pressure keeps you supported throughout the pad.

It's R value is 1.3 (low) so use inside of a tent and with EVA foam (Mountain Laurel Designs) if cold.

It has an awesome 2 valve system for easy inflation, fast deflation, and gradual control for letting out small amounts of air on the fly.

Cost: $130 


For a good price for what you get, you'll experience a very lightweight, truly wide pad that is somewhat durable, supportive, great height, and truly rectangular. Its dual valve system is state of the art. This is my pad of choice.