• If using an ultralight day pack, ensure the pack is long enough so its hip belt can fasten around your hips, not your stomach.

  • Avoid using a trail shoe on ultralight treks over irregular trail surfaces. A "hiking boot" will provide much more critical support.

  • All tips on the fastwebsite are thoroughly covered in the fast book, and much more.

  • Hiking long durations  consumes a lot of fuel: roughly 300 calories per hour. 7 hours of hiking burns roughly 2100 calories, plus an average of 1400 for metabolism. That's 3400 total! Depending on your natural metabolism, you'll need to pack ample food, and selections that are high in calories (i.e., if you have a fast metabolism). Slower metabolisms can deal with less food.

  • Always inform at least two people of your return date in case there's an emergency.  Have them notify the ranger station (or sherrif) if you don't return by your agreed date.  Leave your contacts with an itinerary of your travel route.

flexible adaptive sub-light trekking is an effective ultralight backpacking solution that optimizes utility, comfort and safety. Total pack weight for all gear and food, including a bear-resistant food container, ranges between 7+ to 17+ pounds,  2-7 days. The system was formulated by Tim Gnazale: veteran backpacker, cross-country skier/instructor and fitness expert. fast does not promote makeshift gear and specialized adjuncts that sacrafice functionality and effectiveness. Instead, commercially available high-quality gear, innovative technique, and overall preparadness are  integral aspects of  the system. fast dramatically minimizes packed weight, enabling longer hiking distance and any trek with much more comfort and enjoyment. Click on the new fast book for 2021 and quickly get up to speed and on the trail the light way. 

Owner's Note

After carrying a 55 pound pack several years ago, I was not only uncomfortable, including low back discomfort at the end of two days, but I had hiked only ten miles round trip!  I thought my backpacking days were over until I began researching ultralight gear. Using innovative techniques, safety, and today's latest cutting-edge ultralight gear, I orchestrated the fast paradigm for full functionality and comfort. Whether you are aging gracefully or simply desire an incredibly low carrying weight on your back, this  website will assuradely  benefit to you.

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7+, 17 lbs, 2-7 days... everything included with comfort!
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